Bruce Beron

donor-bruceberon.jpgLast June, on the occasion of Father's Day, Global Fund for Women met with donor-photographer Bruce Beron.  Bruce  shared his inspiration on fatherhood and being a Global Fund supporter. “I am appalled and shocked by the injustices women and girls all over the world face. To me, supporting the Global Fund for Women is the most effective and unique way of addressing these issues.”

Bruce Beron is an optimist and believes that anything is possible when groups of women work together to bring about change. That is why he is a Global Fund supporter. Bruce came to the Global Fund via his wife, Diane Wexler.

As a former board member, Diane has been an avid supporter for more than 18 years. Her enthusiasm was contagious and captured Bruce’s heart: “Over the years, through Diane’s involvement with the Global Fund, I have had the opportunity to meet many board members, and they are all extraordinary, warm, dedicated, hardworking women devoted to improving the human rights and economic conditions of women and girls the world over.”

As a father, Bruce is keen to pass his commitment to women’s human rights on to his children: “I want my sons to understand the injustice toward women and children in much of the world. It is important for them to understand how lucky they are to be born and raised with resources and that they have the responsibility to support global leaders on the ground working for economic justice, education, political and civic participation and freedom from violence.”

Bruce’s creativity transcends his photos; he donates a portion of his photography sales to the Global Fund!

You can support the Global Fund for Women by donating online or by buying Bruce’s work.


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