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The Global Fund for Women's model of social change philanthropy challenges and overturns traditional notions of philanthropy. Instead of relying on a single funding source or the contributions of one individual, the Global Fund for Women brings together over 20,000 people and institutions in a network that pools resources and shares a passion for advancing women's rights. We believe that philanthropy is a shared responsibility and an opportunity for each of us to give and to receive as we seek to realize our vision of a better world.

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Our status as an organization that fundraises its entire budget every year keeps us grounded in the same challenges our own grantee partners face in funding their work. We confront similar obstacles to mobilizing and securing resources to fuel our work and theirs.

Our supporters make it possible for us to continue to advance women’s human rights around the world. We thank them for their vital role as advocates and donors.

If you are interested in learning more about making an individual contribution, please contact Camille Matson at (415) 248-4800, or send her an email.

If you are an institutional donor and would like to learn more about giving a grant to or partnering with the Global Fund for Women, please contact Amelia Wu at (415) 248-4800, or send her an email.

Donor Profile - Marta Drury

Marta Drury
California, USA

Marta Drury, a long-time supporter from 1991, and former Balkans advisor of the Global Fund for Women has made a career out of giving to and working for women and girls in the US and abroad.

supporter_martaHer unrestricted gifts whether to the Global Fund or through the Fiscal Sponsorship Program for Women's Funds like TEWA (Nepal Women's Fund), the Slovak-Czech Women's Fund or the Reconstruction Women's Fund in Serbia, have proven her to be not only generous, but thoughtful, respectful and understanding of the issues. She believes that she always receives more than she has ever given.

Since becoming an advisor in 1999, Marta has been a tremendous force in expanding Global Fund's grantmaking in the Balkans. She has connected the Global Fund with many of the key feminists in the region who are now advisors, and has helped the Global Fund to learn about the groups, issues, and needs of women in the Balkans many of which the Global Fund is still working with and funding today.

In 2006, Marta was instrumental in the preparations for the Balkans outreach trip and was an excellent travel companion for Angelika Arutyunova, Program Office for the ECIS region, describing Marta as "warm, and open hearted with a wicked humor and a sharp mind!"  Marta has also done extensive work with the Global Fund on the issue of International Sex Trafficking Of Women and Children.

Marta's contributions to the women's movement do not stop with her support of the Global Fund for Women. In addition to being a peace activist, She is also the director of The Heart and Hand Fund, which funds women's and LGBT groups in the Balkans. Marta is also on the international panel of the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice. She has been a major supporter of Resourceful Women and established the Resourceful Women's Award and a founding member of the Women Donor's Network.  Marta has offered quiet retreat space in rural California for 12 years to nonprofit groups.  In 2005 she was among the 1000 Women of Peace nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


Donor Profile - Pam Rosekrans

Pam Rosekrans
California, USA 

Pam Rosekrans founded In Her Shoes with the Global Fund for Women in mind. A long-time donor, Pam decided when her daughter left for college, to make contributing to the Global Fund not just a passion but a full time vocation by starting this special store in Palo Alto. In Her Shoes is truly special because all the profits, above the operating costs of running the store, go to the Global Fund!

Pam Rosekrans“I could be with my favorite women, stay happy, feel fulfilled, keep myself busy, and contribute to a worthy cause,” she says, on what she counts as the real returns she gets from her venture. Rosekrans, for her work in operating and running the store, takes no salary herself - every extra dollar is donated!

Her non-profit shoe store has created a ripple effect: some brands (Frye Boots, Sam Edelman) have offered her a discount to increase the profits to the Global Fund, and some women have walked out the door not only with new shoes—but with a new determination to give to the Global Fund themselves. Visit In Her Shoes if you are in Palo Alto!


Pat Youngdahl and Michal McKenzie

Pat Youngdahl and Michal McKenzie“I love knowing that after I’m gone, my love for the world and its peoples will continue to be expressed through the Global Fund for Women,” says Pat Youngdahl.

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Kitty Rudman

Kitty RudmanIn 1978, my husband and I hitchhiked across Africa from Senegal to Kenya. Over and over, people who had almost nothing opened their homes to us. Years later, I read about the Global Fund and thought, "Here's a way for me to give back to the places that had given so much to me."

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Jen St. Hilaire

Jen St. Hilaire"Global Fund for Women has inspired me so much as an entrepreneur, both to open my mind to new ways of giving back to the community and to expand my understanding of who my community is to include women whose lives I may never have had the opportunity to touch otherwise.  Hearing stories about the women whose lives have been changed by these donations - especially groups like Afghan Institute of Learning who are working under extremely difficult circumstances - not only warms my heart, but inspires me to give even more when I have the chance, because there is clearly so much more that can be done.

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