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The Global Fund for Women's model of social change philanthropy challenges and overturns traditional notions of philanthropy. Instead of relying on a single funding source or the contributions of one individual, the Global Fund for Women brings together over 20,000 people and institutions in a network that pools resources and shares a passion for advancing women's rights. We believe that philanthropy is a shared responsibility and an opportunity for each of us to give and to receive as we seek to realize our vision of a better world.

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Our status as an organization that fundraises its entire budget every year keeps us grounded in the same challenges our own grantee partners face in funding their work. We confront similar obstacles to mobilizing and securing resources to fuel our work and theirs.

Our supporters make it possible for us to continue to advance women’s human rights around the world. We thank them for their vital role as advocates and donors.

If you are interested in learning more about making an individual contribution, please contact Camille Matson at (415) 248-4800, or send her an email.

If you are an institutional donor and would like to learn more about giving a grant to or partnering with the Global Fund for Women, please contact Amelia Wu at (415) 248-4800, or send her an email.

Founding Donors

Generous support from the following individuals helped establish
the Global Fund for Women:

Anonymous Donors
The Atkinson Foundation
Elizabeth Beteta
David A. Brown
Patricia A. and James R. Compton
Irene Crowe
J.J. Ebaugh
Sarah G. Epstein
Mary L. Estrin
Wendy and Robert E. Graham
Esther B. Hewlett
William R. Hewlett (deceased)
Helen Hunt
Sandra Keeley
Dorothy S. Lyddon (deceased)
Marshall B. McDonald
Harle G. Montgomery
 Elizabeth W. Musser (deceased)
John M. Musser (deceased)
Marcie J. Musser
Pamela and David Woodley Packard
Sarah Beinecke Richardson
Margaret K. Schink
Mary Ann Stein
Katherine Strasburg
Paul Strasburg
Ted Turner
Genevieve Vaughan
Ms. Gordon G. Wallace (deceased)
Herman Warsh and Maryanne Mott
Alan Weeden
Mary M. Wohlford (deceased)
Rosemary Young
Rima Abu Zayyad









Donor Profile - Kitty Rudman

Kitty Knapp Rudman 

In 1978, my husband and I hitchhiked across Africa from Senegal to Kenya. Over and over, people who had almost nothing opened their homes to us. Years later, I read about the Global Fund and thought, "Here's a way for me to give back to the places that had given so much to me."

 I helped organize one of the first house parties, where Global Fund staff, Laila Macharia from Kenya, spoke. I was so inspired I became a donor. As the Global Fund has grown, it has done an excellent job of tackling the major issues that face women today.

From my first days as a volunteer, I dreamt of traveling to meet Global Fund grantees. My dream came true when I joined the 2004 donor outreach trip to India.Visiting grantees was far beyond my expectations. I saw women taking enormous risks, fighting to claim their rights and changing the world around them. Meeting Global Fund grantees has reinforced my belief in the absolute need for global support.

Kitty Knapp Rudman
Lafayette, California
Donor and Volunteer since 1997


Donor Profile - Patsy Preston

Patsy Preston

My husband, Lewis T. Preston served as President of the World Bank from 1991-1994. We had both been moved by the plight of girls during our travels. After he passed away, I wanted to honor him and the World Bank by giving a gift of education to girls in developing countries so they could have a chance to make a difference in their communities and their lives. I asked the Bank if they would contribute to a fund.This became the Preston Fund for Girls' Education. I looked all over for an international organization I knew would put its money where its mouth is.This is how the Preston Fund came to be a permanent endowment for girls' education within the Global Fund for Women's Legacy Fund.What strikes you as you travel and learn is the fundamental need for the work of the Global Fund.The Global Fund really comes through for women and girls. It is a privilege to be able to give what you can, based on what you feel, to a cause in which you believe.

J.P. Morgan Chase, and other international corporations and their employees, also made significant contributions to the Preston Fund for Girls' Education. Lewis T. Preston joined J.P. Morgan Chase in 1951, where he became President and later Chairman of the Board and CEO.

Patsy Preston
New York, New York
Donor since 1998


Donor Profile - June Hope Kingsley

In Memoriam

June Hope Kingsley 

It is with great sadness that the Global Fund bids goodbye to June Kingsley, philanthropist and activist for women's rights, who passed away on July 24, 2005. Her love and support for the Global Fund for Women influenced every interaction that she had with staff, grantees, Board members, and donors.

She served as a Board member from 1995 to 2002. June welcomed Board members into her home to meet and celebrate with one another and with staff. June traveled with the Global Fund to Eritrea, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe in 1998 when the Global Fund did major outreach to expand its grantmaking in Africa; she also participated in international women's conferences and meetings at the Hague (1999) and Kathmandu (2000). It was June who encouraged us to launch our first major gifts campaign, and led the successful campaign as chair.When we decided to research the feasibility and then raise funds for our $20 million Investing in Women campaign, June was one of our first supporters.

Three years ago, June told us that the experiences and associations that she'd made through the Global Fund had been transformative. "It is remarkable that during my seven years on the Board, a 73-year-old woman could grow to 80 and learn so much from so many young and vibrant people. I thank the Global Fund, my colleagues and friends for your kindness, commitment and belief in the dignity of all people." June, we will carry your spirit with us always as we remember your kindness, commitment and belief in women the world over.

June Hope Kingsley
San Francisco, California
Donor Since 1997


Donor Profile - Grace Jackson

Grace Jackson

As a feminist and a pacifist since my teens, I was outraged by our attack on Iraq in March 2003, and by the glaring absence of women, not only from policy-making forums in every country involved, but even from the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan. I could do nothing to stop the war, but I could contribute to the ongoing struggle to advance women's rights throughout the world.

I have therefore, at age 86, set up a $100,000 fund in my will to provide an annual grant, in perpetuity, to organizations working to improve the political, civil, and economic rights of women—particularly in Muslim countries. After careful research, I chose the Global Fund for Women as the most experienced and productive organization to administer this fund. I was especially impressed by the diversity of the groups they support, and by the optimal use they make of small grants, such as mine.

Although I am grateful to all the women over the centuries who have fought for women's rights and for peace, I wish to dedicate my fund to two of them: to Jeannette Rankin, the first woman ever elected to the United States Congress (in 1917), and the only member of Congress to vote against our entry into both World War I and World War II; and to Meena, founder of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), who was assassinated in 1987 by Afghan government agents and their fundamentalist accomplices because of her heroic struggle for women's rights and for human rights.

Grace Jackson
New York, New York
Anne Firth Murray Circle Donor since 2005

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