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The Global Fund for Women's model of social change philanthropy challenges and overturns traditional notions of philanthropy. Instead of relying on a single funding source or the contributions of one individual, the Global Fund for Women brings together over 20,000 people and institutions in a network that pools resources and shares a passion for advancing women's rights. We believe that philanthropy is a shared responsibility and an opportunity for each of us to give and to receive as we seek to realize our vision of a better world.

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Our status as an organization that fundraises its entire budget every year keeps us grounded in the same challenges our own grantee partners face in funding their work. We confront similar obstacles to mobilizing and securing resources to fuel our work and theirs.

Our supporters make it possible for us to continue to advance women’s human rights around the world. We thank them for their vital role as advocates and donors.

If you are interested in learning more about making an individual contribution, please contact Camille Matson at (415) 248-4800, or send her an email.

If you are an institutional donor and would like to learn more about giving a grant to or partnering with the Global Fund for Women, please contact Amelia Wu at (415) 248-4800, or send her an email.

Marta Drury

donor_martadrury.jpgA long-time supporter from 1991, and former Balkans advisor of the Global Fund for Women, Marta Drury has made a career out of giving to and working for women and girls in the US and abroad.

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Isda Funari

donor-isdafunari.jpg“I really believe in women, in their strength, so rather than just doing yet another bunch of clothes, I wanted to tie the line to something more meaningful,” says Isda Funari, founder of Isda & Co, a company that donates a portion of its proceeds to the Global Fund.

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Joan Hadden

donor_joanhadden.jpg"When I researched the global women’s human rights landscape, all roads seemed to lead to the Global Fund for Women. It is a highly respected organization. Other nonprofits have modeled themselves on the Global Fund."

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Pam Eglinski

donor_pameglinski.jpgPam Eglinski gives because she wants to help create a world where women and girls live free of violence of all forms, and have access to resources and a safe and healthy environment. Pam found out about the Global Fund online and has been an active part of our donor community through the community of Inspiration Partners. These are Global Fund donors who demonstrate their commitment to women’s rights by exponentially increasing their giving.

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Marissa Wesely


“The Global Fund for Women gets it all right. Through their powerful network of smart, committed and driven women, they channel funding to women on the ground who really understand the critical needs of local women and how best to use the money to meet those needs — whether for fresh water, improved educational opportunities, economic independence or freedom from violence.”

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