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We are one of the largest sources of funding for women’s rights

The Global Fund has awarded over $100 million in grants since our inception in 1987. Even though are one of the most consistent sources of funding for women's rights organizations, we were only able to give over 600 grants out of the over 1,900 eligible women’s groups who applied to us for funding this fiscal year. Imagine what we can accomplish with more resources.

When you join the Global Fund, you’re joining a community of 10,000 donors

We couldn't do this work without individual contributions like yours. Donations from individuals account for more than half of our annual income. When we work together, small donations add up. We believe that real philanthropy means each and every one of you can make a difference.

We have a strong expense ratio

This fiscal year, our staff reviewed thousands of proposals in over a dozen languages, contacted hundreds of advisors, and prepared hundreds of contracts, checks or wires for organizations all over the world. We can't give grants in a respectful way without the infrastructure to do so. We continue to maintain our historically strong expense ratios,  with 75 cents of every dollar raised spent directly on programmatic activities.

We maintain a clean bill of financial health

We are pleased to have received our 10th consecutive clean independent audit. The Global Fund understands the importance of good financial stewardship, and places an extremely high value on the public trust bestowed upon us by our donors and grantees.

Remember, your donation is tax-deductible

When you make a donation to the Global Fund for Women without receiving goods or services in return, you can deduct it from your taxes. We will provide you with a letter showing the amount of your tax-exempt donation. For your records, our tax ID is 77-0155782.

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