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What is general support?

Not all grants are created equal. Giving general support means trusting grantee partners to make their own decisions about how to allocate funds. Whether it is used for paying the electricity bill, or organizing a campaign against domestic violence, general support gives groups the freedom to respond to their own priorities.

“The flexibility and significance of the general support grant from the Global Fund for Women cannot be overemphasized”
– Leymah Gbowee, Global Fund grantee and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Why do we give it?

Experience tells us. What we’ve learned in over 23-years of grantmaking is that general support has helped build a resilient global women’s movement. Our grantee partners are more agile, harnessing windows of opportunity that can lead to social revolutions. We help them build the infrastructure that makes their projects work.

Why is it better?

It’s the gift of freedom and flexibility. An independent researcher found that our general support grants give organizations the freedom to be themselves. Research also found that groups use general support funds more carefully and efficiently. Grantee partners tell us they are more honest about their challenges and accomplishments than when reporting on restricted grants.

Don't take our word for it. A 2011 study on funding for medical research found general support yields higher impact results than restricted funding. Economists discovered that these grants lead to “higher-impact research.”

How you can help

Only 20 percent of grants from the largest private and community foundations are designated for general operating support. The result is a struggling women’s rights movement trying to keep basic operations afloat. Study after study proves that women are powerful catalysts for change. But these women need money and freedom to provide the solutions that change the world. Donate now to support these women and be part of their solutions »

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