No More Violence in Palestine and Israel

hundreds march for peace in Gaza

Global Fund for Women grantee partner, Awareness for You, organized a 300-person demonstration of Palestinians and Israelis who oppose violence and want to live together in peace.

July 22, 2014: As we watch the drastic escalation of violence in Palestine and Israel, Global Fund for Women calls on the Israeli government, Hamas, and their respective allies to stop: stop the rockets, stop the missiles, and stop the carnage now.

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict does not lend itself to easy solutions or simple analysis. The international community, including the United States, is deeply implicated in the failure to address the conflict. This latest chapter builds on an increasingly asymmetrical and unequal conflict between the government of Israel and the elected government of Gaza. Today, the people of Gaza are trapped inside a no-man's land that has neither the status of an independent state, nor the recognition of the world community.

We call upon the United Nations and political leaders in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East, to demand an immediate end to hostilities, with no preconditions. Precious lives - both Israeli and Palestinian - are at stake.

Global Fund for Women knows from 25 years of experience that women and children suffer most from military conflict. As the backbone of their communities, women around the world still bear primary responsibility for feeding and caring for the family and tending to the sick. Performing such tasks under conditions of war can be as dangerous as being a soldier on the front lines.

Global Fund for Women grantee partner, Al Zahraa Society in Gaza writes: “You can hear the kids' screaming everywhere because of the airstrikes, and as usual the civilians pay the price.”

Global Fund for Women believes that strong women’s and civil society organizations are critical to decreasing the violence. We therefore support both Israeli and Palestinian women's rights organizations inside Israel and Palestine - both Gaza and the West Bank. We are one of the few organizations that actively provide funds (over $1 million since 1989), and support for women working for peaceful change in this region.

Despite of the horrific violence, women and men are keeping their families and communities together. Awareness for You organized a 300-person demonstration of Palestinians and Israelis in Wadi Ara who oppose violence and want to live together in peace. When feminists in Haifa refused to be silent, they raised their voices via a photo campaign on Facebook.

Four Global Fund grantee partners (Mada Al-Carmel - Arab Center for Applied Social Research, Kayan Feminist Organization, AlZahraa Organization for the Advancement of Women, AlQaws for Sexual and Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society) organized with the Palestinian Civil Society to “call for an immediate end to hostilities against the Palestinian civilian population of Gaza, and for thorough, independent and genuine investigations to be launched into all violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.”

These activists are brave and determined, but their funding is decreasing as political instability increases. They need immediate support, including money and solidarity, from the world community.

“Truth be told, our spirits are on the verge of breaking as we witness this wave of violence and terror but we are determined to continue our work,” said Danya Cohen
 of Awareness for You and MachsomWatch 
Women's Fund for Human Rights.


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