10 inspiring quotes for International Women’s Day

We’re in the midst of a movement. Women are marching, campaigning, making change, and moving forward. But there are women around the world who aren’t being heard. Who have the knowledge, the drive, and the plans. Together, we can turn up their volume.

Djingarey Maiga, Mali

Let's be proud to be born girls!

Shyamala Gomez, Sri Lanka

For me, my message—it’s a tagline—take women into consideration! That’s all it is.

Morena Herrera, El Salvador

Women must have freedom to make decisions related to our lives, our bodies. Our lives are valuable and to be respected by others.

Ruth Zurbriggen, Argentina

I have devoted the past twenty years to feminist activism. What is at stake is nothing less than our lives.

Rebeca Gyumi, Tanzania

I call on everyone to lend their voice, their time, their energy to win this fight against child marriage.

Sylvia Nalubega, Uganda

What motivates me is when others support us. To know we are not alone in our desire to see women empowered and live to their full potential.

Maheen Sultan, Bangladesh

It sounds so basic but we have to keep saying it—women need to be considered as human beings, first, and foremost. We should have equal rights. And security. And safety. And well-being.

Juliet Were, Uganda

Women and girls are the face of global wars. However, they have hope – hope for a better life, and determination to work towards a peaceful world.

Bishnu Maya Gharti, Nepal

I have seen women living through the worst, the best, the hardest conditions. Their courage to work, their confidence, their willingness to fight—that keeps me going.

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