AmplifyChange: Mobilizing for Unstoppable Movements

A key part of securing bigger wins, resources, and visibility for gender equality around the world is partnering with other organizations—women’s funds, governments, NGOs, and corporations—that share our vision.

We know that women’s movements with more resources are more powerful. This is why resource mobilization is a critical piece of our Strategic Plan. We want to ensure that more money is getting to women’s funds, groups, and movements globally to move the needle on women’s human rights.

That gets to the heart of our role in AmplifyChange.

AmplifyChange is a fund that supports groups that empower people to realize their sexual and reproductive health and rights, including if and when to have children and the right to sexual identity free of stigma or discrimination. AmplifyChange supports all sizes and types of civil society organizations, ranging from grassroots community-based groups to networks and coalitions, and prioritizes countries where the need is greatest, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

As a partner alongside African Women’s Development Fund and lead partner MannionDaniels, Global Fund for Women is not a grantmaker but a key participant in the fund, reviewing applications and proposals, managing partner relationships, and ensuring that women’s groups like Marta’s organization, Catholics for Choice Argentina, are a focus for the partnership.

In Fiscal Year 2016, AmplifyChange mobilized $19.5M for 301 sexual and reproductive health and rights grants in 53 countries.

Together, we’re driving stronger, more inclusive movements for sexual and reproductive health and rights globally.