Why fund women? Because we’re stronger together.

Grace Jackson: Legacy Donor

According to her niece, Grace was a brilliant and opinionated woman—a fiercely independent New Yorker who “didn’t suffer fools in the slightest.” Grace was also a staunch, hard-working feminist and founding member of the National Organization of Women (NOW), who was determined to educate herself and went to college for the first time in her 50s to become a social worker.

Though it’s hard to imagine now, until the late 1960s job-wanted ads were sex-segregated, indicating “Men Wanted” and “Women Wanted.” Members of NOW picketed The New York Times to protest its use of sex-segregated ads. Grace was on the front lines of this protest, and eventually the Equal Opportunity Commission decided that sex-segregated employment ads were illegal.

Always an advocate for women’s equality and a supporter of Global Fund for Women since 2008, Grace left a significant bequest to Global Fund for Women in 2016, after she passed away at the age of 96. Donors like Grace believe that including Global Fund for Women in their estate plans is an extraordinary, long-term commitment to equality for women. Through their bequests, they are able to help create the future they want to leave for generations to come.

Funding women’s rights at the grassroots does change lives. We honor Grace and her commitment to that hard work every day as we aspire to make the biggest impact around the world. With Grace’s support, women’s movements are stronger—making the impossible possible one gift at a time.