Maria Fernanda is Self Determined.

Using Voice and Action to Make it Happen

Our storytelling campaigns amplify the voices of women who are working for gender equality, with the aim of getting more attention and support to the most critical issues.  In October 2015, Global Fund for Women launched our new brand, including a revamped website and new logo. Our goal was to reach, educate, and activate new audiences, generating a larger global community of ambassadors for women’s rights worldwide.

In Fiscal Year 2016, our audience grew in a big way. We had an almost 25% increase in visitors to our website; we grew our social media audience by 90%, to exceed 525,000 followers across all channels; and we ended the year with a total audience of more than 1.1 million.

Our #Determined campaign showcased the stories of 20 of our grantee partners and their beneficiaries, explaining the work they’re doing for gender equality and the challenges they face—a campaign that reached over 120,000 visitors.

We also inspired people to take action. We launched DARING: Women Demanding Progress in the Middle East, a campaign featuring stories from our grantee partners in Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, and Turkey. The campaign elevated women’s voices from the region, secured almost 30,000 signatures to a solidarity petition, and raised $17,000 online for our grantee partners in the region. Through stories, interviews, photography, and analysis, the project went behind the headlines to educate the public by telling stories of women who are often voiceless, such as Rozina, a Yazidi woman in Iraq who survived being kidnapped by ISIS, and Nehmado, a domestic violence survivor in Egypt.

Our campaigns also responded to current events, and emboldened connections across borders. When we launched a one-year anniversary feature on the anniversary of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, more than 700 people from all parts of the globe sent messages of solidarity and encouragement to the brave women rebuilding Nepal. We published Latest news stories on important current events that affect women’s rights around the globe, including support for Egyptian women human rights defender (and Global Fund for Women board member) Mozn Hassan, who was banned from traveling outside of Egypt by the government—a blatant attack on Mozn’s work defending women’s rights.

We also reached new audiences through major media mentions in a range of online, TV, print, and radio outlets, including: The New York Times, Al Jazeera, BBC, Newsweek, Upworthy, Refinery 29, The Guardian, New York Magazine, The New Yorker, Forbes, VICE Broadly, and Mashable.