Chandra Yang

Development Associate

Chandra holds a B.A. in International Relations from Mills College. She spent six months living in Seoul, South Korea working with children and teaching English at local hagweons (after school academy programs). Her passion for social justice and universal human rights fueled her undergraduate research, focused on Myanmar’s ever changing political landscape and access to education for ethnic minority groups. Prior to joining the Global Fund for Women, Chandra was an Institute for Civic Leadership Fellow, a program focused on empowering women to take on leadership roles and methods for creating sustainable change through community based social movements. She also worked as an Operations and Development intern for VIA Programs, a service fellowship program that provides innovative experiential learning opportunities in Asia and the United States. Chandra has over 10 years of experience in customer service and recently helped open and manage a family owned restaurant in the East Bay; there she served as the primary Events Coordinator and Service Manager.