International Day of the Girl: Adolescent Girls Speak Out!

On International Day of the Girl, we celebrate the brilliance of girls around the world who are raising their voices, leading movements, and challenging the status quo. Now more than ever, Global Fund for Women believes that adolescent girls must be recognized and included in the fight for gender justice so that their collective voices, innovation, and power can fuel movements around the globe. This year we’re spotlighting the voices of girls working with grantee partner Women for a Change Cameroon, which provides leadership trainings and comprehensive sexuality education workshops to girls and young women. Women for a Change Cameroon is supported under Global Fund for Women’s Adolescent Girls Fund—an initiative that strengthens girl-led movements.


Shifu Anicette Bery, Age 16

If you wear a shoe, you know where it hurts. Girls should lead the fight for human rights because we are in better position to say how it feels, and we should be listened to.-- Shifu Anicette Bery, Age 16, Women for a Change, Cameroon

Munsho Noela Yinkfu, Age 17

“Girls should lead the fight for human rights because we are not different from boys. The only difference is the fact that we are the most oppressed and discriminated upon.” – Munsho Noela Yinkfu, Age 17, Women for a Change, Cameroon

Ngouffo Enow Dioline, Age 15

“Girls are the ones whose rights are violated, so we have to be the ones to fight—not the oppressor fighting for us.

Gwierem Relindis Choclet, Age 19

“My dream is to see girls expressing themselves and encouraging one another. Most importantly their rights should be valued, and they should be sent to school to gain knowledge and information.” Gwierem Relindis Choclet, Age 19, Women for a Change, Cameroon

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Courageous women and girls around the world are demanding power and resources to realize their rights. Join them and raise your voice in the fight for gender justice.