11 quotes that remind us girls are unstoppable

Some say girls are the future, but we know that girls are the present, too. Girls and young women are changing the world as passionate and creative activists. When girls are empowered to lead and have the resources they need to drive change, the possibilities are endless.

For International Day of the Girl on October 11th, join us in celebrating girls around the world with 11 quotes from girls and young women in Global Fund for Women’s network of grantee partners—girls who are unstoppable in their quest for social change.

Quotes and photos with permission from Wonder Girls: Changing Our World by Paola Gianturco and Alex Sangster (published by powerHouse Books, 2017). 

Leah, 18, Akili Dada, Kenya

“I want a society where females are also allowed to lead.” - Leah, 18, Akili Dada

J Varsha, 15, Shaheen, India

“It is not the physical appearance of the person—but the kind of human that person is, that will make a difference in life.” – J Varsha, 15, Shaheen

Phyu, 17, Girl Determined, Myanmar

“Don’t accept the criticisms. Believe in yourself, the work, and the goal; you can make a difference. – Phyu, 17, Girl Determined

Dariya, 17, Girl Activists of Kyrgyzstan

“Gender equality is not only for girls to fight for. Boys have to do this, too. This is our ‘together work’.” – Dariya, 17, Girl Activists

Lani, 14, Talitha Project, Tonga

Around the world, people are united even though we are different. That should be remembered.” - Lani, 14, Talitha Project

Thakur, 18, Shaheen, India

“I want to make a name for myself by helping others understand what I have learned about equality.” – Thakur, 18, Shaheen

Sezim, 16, Girl Activists of Kyrgyzstan

“I want to visit other countries and see how their feminist movement is built and discuss these problems with them. Then I will come back and cause change.” – Sezim, 16, Girl Activists

Jabeen, 15, Shaheen, India

“I am now confident that I can bring about change in my own life as well as in others.” – Jabeen, 15, Shaheen

Nanda, 14, Girl Determined, Myanmar

“If I could tell girls all over the world one thing, I would say, ‘Believe in yourself. Try to become a leader.’” – Nanda, 14, Girl Determined

Cynthia, 19, Akili Dada, Kenya

“If you don’t have a dream, you are aimless. What will you do with your 86,000 seconds a day?” – Cynthia, 19, Akili Dada

Zar, 17, Girl Determined, Myanmar

“I want women to be equal to men. I want women to participate in every education, economic, and political opportunity.” – Zar, 17, Girl Determined

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