Ivana M. Rosas

Grants Coordinator

The Global Fund welcomes back Ivana M. Rosas, after a short hiatus working in different organizations in the SF Bay Area, including her support in executive administration to a like-minded national feminist organization, Equal Rights Advocates. Returning to her passion for international-based work, a reflection of her undergraduate studies, Ivana provides regional knowledge and diverse set of language skills to the Grant Operations team, focusing in on the Latin America and Caribbean Program Team. Her personal trajectory, being Venezuelan born, U.S. raised, along with her travel to parts of Central America provide her with a keen understanding and perspective on the prominent issues between the sub-regions of the Americas, and beyond that, the necessity to empower and fund feminist activism and human rights defenders throughout the region. Ivana is elated to return to the Global Fund and contribute to the distribution of much needed funds for women’s human rights.