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Join the Vanguard Advisory Council


The Vanguard Advisory Council is a volunteer advisory group of young professionals dedicated to supporting Global Fund for Women by raising awareness of the organization’s mission, fundraising to support the organization, and empowering women in the Bay Area and New York City.

Requirements for Membership

Contribute annual dues of $150. As a Bay Area member, you’ll receive a complimentary ticket to attend our annual Art Live Lounge event ($50 value).

  • Attend monthly leadership meetings in San Francisco or NYC (dial-in option available)
  • Attend annual Art Live Lounge event and:
    • Promote and network for the event
    • Participate in a sub-committee for the event (e.g. Silent Auction, Decor, etc.)
  • Participate in other events as needed (via attendance or volunteering)
  • Share Global Fund for Women campaigns and events via social media
  • Increase awareness of Vanguard Advisory Council and Global Fund for Women by recruiting new members and promoting participation of events

Benefits of Membership

  • Engage and collaborate with a dynamic and diverse group of professional women
  • Enhance leadership skills by holding a Vanguard Advisory Council leadership role or leading an Art Live Lounge event committee
  • Attend team-building events with Vanguard Advisory Council members
  • Expand network while attending/planning events and spreading awareness via social media
  • Get invited to members-only events & co-sponsored programs

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Global Fund for Women has public charity, nontaxable, 501(c)(3) status in the United States.
We rely on the annual support of many generous individuals, foundations, and corporations.