Mexico City Trip 2018

Join us in Mexico in 2018!

At this moment of transition, women’s movements around the world are poised to ensure that women’s voices are heard and that human rights are not rolled back. Women fighting for rights in Mexico tell us and show us that they will continue to advocate and work on key issues like reproductive rights, ending sexual violence, creating economic opportunities, defending natural resources, indigenous women’s rights, and girls’ rights. They are determined to grow and flourish, to make connections, and to work together across borders.

We hope you can join us on this unique trip, April 7-14, 2018, where we will gain inspiration and insight from an array of amazing women leaders fighting to ensure equality, sustainability, and justice in their communities and around the world.

Further details on the trip’s itinerary and cost can be found here. The trip’s registration form can be found here.


Chandra Alexandre
Vice President of Development