About #MuslimaMeans

Muslim women shattering stereotypes

Now more than ever—in light of increased hate speech, discriminatory language, and damaging stereotypes about Muslims—we want to elevate the diverse and vibrant art and voices of Muslim women from around the world to remind everyone that while it is easy to stereotype, we need to change the dialogue instead.

Muslim women are bold, creative, courageous, diverse, and dynamic. Muslim women are doctors, teachers, mothers, human rights activists, artists, journalists, dancers, and so much more. They are shattering stereotypes just by being themselves.

Global Fund for Women stands for women’s right to define themselves and their own narratives, free from stereotypes.

Explore the powerful work and words from Muslim women artists, activists, photographers, and leaders through this selection of work originally featured in our Muslima: Muslim Women’s Art & Voices campaign.

Together, let’s get loud to shatter damaging stereotypes about Muslims in the United States and around the world. Use #MuslimaMeans to share your own thoughts, perspectives, art, and voices on what being a Muslim woman means today.

Let’s change the dialogue.