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Raise visibility and funds for women’s rights

You and your community can help us get money and attention where it can make the biggest difference in the fight for gender equality. At Global Fund for Women, we believe that giving can be an act of social change. We know that when you connect people with opportunities to give, you grow the global community of advocates and supporters of women’s human rights.

Take action and multiply your impact. Be an advocate for Global Fund for Women and help increase support for women’s rights globally!


Focus on your online networks and gather support through crowd funding. Register your campaign and get some tips on how to communicate about Global Fund for Women most efficiently using online platforms.


Peer-to-Peer (P2P) fundraising campaigns, sometimes called crowd funding, raise money for your cause of choice by reaching out to your networks and asking them for support.


Setting up a campaign using your chosen web platform is fun and easy. Then reach out to your online network. Use our P2P Fundraising Guide, full of tips and tricks to make your campaign compelling and successful.


Act on your values! With P2P fundraising, you can be an advocate for Global Fund for Women and help us grow the global women’s rights movement. Your campaign means more financial support and more visibility for courageous women all over the world.

Simply sign up here to download our simple three-step guide that provides all the information you need to host a successful event in support of women’s human rights and Global Fund for Women!

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