Dariya’s story: Empowering girl activists through art

Dariya is a 17-year-old activist in Kyrgyzstan, standing up for girls’ rights with arts and humor. She shares her story about creating Girl Activists of Kyrgyzstan through Bishkek Feminist Initiatives, a recent Global Fund for Women grantee partner that helps to foster the creation of young women’s groups and empower young women’s activism and leadership….

Meet the inspiring grandmother-granddaughter team behind ‘Wonder Girls: Changing Our World’

What does it mean to be a Wonder Girl? That’s the question author-photographer Paola Gianturco and her 12-year-old granddaughter Alex Sangster set out to answer through their new book Wonder Girls: Changing Our World. Through first-person interviews and photographs of 15 groups of girls, ages 10-18, in 13 countries, Paola and Alex show that Wonder…

Learn how you can change the world with Wonder Girls: Changing Our World

Global Fund for Women believes that girls and young women are powerful change-makers who are using their creativity and determination to build the world they want to see. Acclaimed author-photographer Paola Gianturco shares this belief. In her new book, Wonder Girls: Changing Our World, Paola and her 12-year-old granddaughter Alex Sangster highlight incredible girl activists…