Emilia Blancarte Jaber

Senior Manager, Global Advocacy and Accountability

Emilia Blancarte Jaber [she/her] is Senior Manager, Global Advocacy and Accountability at Global Fund for Women.

Emilia works on the design and implementation of the Generation Equality Forum Accountability initiative, housed at Global Fund for Women, with a focus on political strategy and advocacy.

Previously, as Deputy Director of International Cooperation at the National Institute for Women in Mexico, Emilia participated in first-draft content creation for the methodology and program of the Generation Equality Forum in Mexico, including the collaborative, multi-stakeholder creation of the Action Coalition on Economic Justice and Rights and the Global Alliance for Care.

Emilia has also been involved in international negotiations as part of the Conference of the Parties on Biological Diversity, specifically as lead delegation negotiator on Article 8(j): Traditional Knowledge, Innovations, and Practices.

Emilia’s academic research includes a graduate thesis titled "Femicides in Mexico: Structural Violence and the Responsibility of the State in an International Legal Framework," which explores the power dynamics and normative frameworks at play when implementing international treaties at a national level.