Laura Lopez-Blazquez

Development Officer, East

Laura Lopez-Blazquez [she/her/hers] is the Development Officer, East at Global Fund for Women.

Laura (lau-rah) is a Cuban-American feminist, educator and fundraiser. In her role as the Development Officer, East she works closely with supporters on the East Coast connecting them to the work Global Fund for Women partners are doing all over the world to transform power and privilege for a few into equity and equality for all. Laura is passionate about the power of storytelling and in the importance of building authentic relationships and partnerships. She strongly believes in local grassroots activists as agents of change in their communities and that there is no gender justice without racial justice, queer justice and climate justice.

Prior to joining Global Fund for Women, Laura was the Fundraising Program Manager at WE Schools, where she provided programming, event and fundraising support to teachers and students who were raising awareness about global issues and fundraising to support international projects. Before working in resource mobilization, Laura was a teacher and worked in programming and education in various non-profits, schools and museums across New York City and Miami, and internationally in Guatemala, Thailand and South Africa. Laura received her MA in International Education at New York University and BA in Art History from Fordham University in Bronx, NY. In her spare time, Laura practices yoga, attempts to master her grandmother’s Cuban recipes, and enjoys biking all over Brooklyn.