Adolescent Girls Advisory Council

Applications now open!

Global Fund for Women is looking for young feminist activists to join the Adolescent Girls Advisory Council (AGAC) in 2023. Applications are due February 20. Learn more about the requirements and how to apply.

Young people and particularly adolescent girls are driving today’s gender justice movements and building a more just and equitable world for all. In recognition of this reality and in line with our commitment to intergenerational feminism, Global Fund for Women is thrilled to present our Adolescent Girls Advisory Council. The Council, made up of 12 girls from 12 different countries around the globe, is driving key strategic decisions across our organization including how to redistribute funds and other resources through our Adolescent Girls’ Rights program.

The girls were selected through an open-call process in 5 languages to identify adolescent girl leaders across the globe.

They’ve already hit the ground running, showing us what it means to #GrantLikeAGirl. They are finding, funding, and amplifying young feminist groups.

Read their Sisterhood Pact here.

Meet our Adolescent Girls Advisory Council:

Agimaa, Mongolia

Agimaa, Mongolia “Providing girls with the tools to take control of their own lives is the most crucial step for achieving gender equality. For girls especially, speaking up and acting on their own issues, discriminations, injustices is and will be the instrument that empowers them.”

Aweqawe, South Africa

Aweqawe, South Africa “My vision is to see and have every girl child in school, with access to all basic necessities like sanitary wear and have complete control over their lives.”

Besma, Algeria

Besma, Algeria “My vision for the world’s girls is finding every young female being her own hero, proud of herself and especially improving how girls and women are able to shine.”

Fatima, Gambia

Fatima, Gambia “My vision for the girls of the world is a strong, fearless girl force that will break all barriers and cross all frontiers to pursue their dreams.”

Giovanna, Brazil

Giovanna, Brazil “We, girls, are a constellation of infinite possibilities that shines for itself. For this reason, my vision for the world we are creating is a safe place where everyone can be who they want to be. A place where girls can love themselves for their imperfections, to be valued for who they are. Girls like my little sister are the secret weapon to the full emancipation of women, as they realize they too can be catalysts for change.”

Jenny, Tanzania

Jenny, Tanzania “I am very excited to participate in the Girls Advisory Council is because it's a dream come true for me. I get the chance to represent that one girl out there who needs girls like us … to stand up for them, fighting by them over and over again.”

Liz, Cameroon

Liz, Cameroon “My vision for the world’s girls is that they meaningfully participate in leadership, policy and decision-making spaces, gender equality is their reality and they are no longer beneficiaries of actions but rather initiators of actions.”

Marla, Mexico

Marla, Mexico “My vision for the world’s girls is one that involves equal opportunities, access to basic services like health and education, and one in which every government guarantees our rights.”

Polina, Ukraine

Polina, Ukraine “One reason I am excited to participate in the Adolescent Girls Advisory Council is that I dream to join a teenage feminist community to fight together for girls’ rights over the world with all of our spirit.”

Rajasi, Nepal

Rajasi, Nepal “Living in a society with heavy patriarchal culture has always raised a question within me, ‘Do I deserve this? Do women of my country deserve this?’ I want to live in a place where education is not related to someone’s gender or sexual identity, where religion does not become a part of social injustice, where inclusiveness is encouraged, where work is not related with someone’s gender but with skills.”

Yande, Zambia

Yande, Zambia “My vision for girls is one where child marriage is simply a forgotten alley of the past and their access to sexual and reproductive health and rights is the claim of their present.”