Zahra Vieneuve

Program Director, Freedom from Violence

Zahra Vieneuve is an Egyptian feminist activist who has worked extensively on issues of gender equality and human rights across the Middle East and North Africa. She is the Program Director, Freedom from Violence at the Global Fund for Women. Prior to joining the Global Fund for Women, Zahra has engaged with civil society organizations across MENA as a human rights advocate and educator. In her capacity as Senior Program Officer at Karama, an international organization focused on combatting violence against women in the MENA region, she worked very closely with women human rights activists involved in the women, peace and security agenda, especially in Libya, Palestine, Iraq, and Yemen. She also coordinated Karama’s GBV work in Egypt through partnerships with local women human rights groups. At the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies in Egypt, she led the human rights education program where she designed and held human rights and peace education training targeting Middle Eastern youth in universities and civil society organizations. These trainings addressed a variety of issues, such as international human rights mechanisms, gender equality, bodily integrity, political participation as well as non-violent political change. She holds two Masters degrees; the first in Political Science from the University of Geneva and the second in International and Comparative Education from the American University in Cairo. Zahra is fluent in English, French, and Arabic.