Victory for Domestic Workers

Domestic Workers Picture Courtesy Elizabeth RappaportBy Elizabeth Hines, guest blogger

Yesterday, at long last, New York took a giant step toward becoming the first state in the nation to pass a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights! The bill, which would guarantee domestic workers basic workplace rights. Like paid vacation and sick days, overtime pay, and at least one day off per week, was passed by the New York State Senate by a vote of 33-28. Though the legislation still has to be reconciled with an earlier version that was passed by the Assembly last year, and then signed into law by Governor Paterson, yesterday's vote in the bill's favor was a historic achievement, setting the stage for the passage of similar bills in states like California and Colorado.
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Time is Now for Gender Security: Kavita Ramdas in SF Chronicle

The San Francisco Chronicle highlighted the recent discussion between Pultizer prize winning journalist and author Sheryl WuDunn who co-authored the popular book Half the Sky, and Global Fund President and CEO Kavita Ramdas. Read the article


Expanding Minority Rights for Majorities in Uganda: I Ask for More

On May 8th Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni rejected the Bahati Bill, also known as the anti-homosexuality bill.

Kasha Jacquiline, coordinator of FARUG, a GFW grantee in UgandaThe legislation sought to “prohibit and penalize homosexual behavior,” and in some cases, by executing homosexuals, extraditing others, and mandating that people report homosexual acts within 24 hours.

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Simple Tools, Big Impact

Portrait of Maame Yelbert-Obeng

By Alice Yelbert-Obeng (Maame)

This spring, I spent 10 days in Ghana participating in the Global Women’s Water Initiative’s 2010 West African Women and Water training organized by A Single Drop, Crabgrass, and Women’s Earth Alliance.

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Arizona Rising: Christine Ahn in Foreign Policy in Focus

Read an in-depth analysis co-written by Global Fund's Christine Ahn, on the recent harsh bill on Arizona and why this is a feminist issue. Read the article »

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