PeiYao Chen Announced as the New President & CEO of Global Fund for Women

The phrases "We need to know the humanitarian sector stands with us" and "The Active but Underfunded Role Young Women and Girls Play in Crises" are set on a photo of a young Black woman talking into a megaphone at a protest.
Young Women & Girls Need Crisis Funding Too

“The Active but Underfunded Role Young Women and Girls Play in Crises” report by the Institute for Journalism and Social Change, Global Fund for Women, MADRE, and Purposeful.

Funding feminist movements to fight corruption

For the past 35+ years, Global Fund for Women has funded grassroots feminist movements combatting oppression in nearly every region of the world. And where there is oppression, there is corruption. In February 2022, Global Fund for Women convened an Advisory Group of eight feminist leaders to learn with us about corruption, its impact on marginalized women, and what a feminist response could be.

Show me the Money: Feminist Stories on Shifting Power and Resources to Movements

As we approach the end of the first year of implementing the Feminist Accountability Framework, we offer this updated report with stories from over 110 feminist actors from Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Africa to amplify the often unheard voices of grassroots feminist organizations on the impact of funding to movements.

What is a movement? [Infographic]

Infographic: What Is a Movement? Lasting change happens when people join together and form a movement. But what exactly is a movement, and how do…

Black History Month 2024: Black Feminist Leaders #INMOTION TO #SHIFTTHEPOWER

Everywhere around the globe, Black feminist leadership is shifting the power to put the world in motion. For Black History Month, join us in celebrating…

The words "Let's set the world #InMotion" are set in between photos of gender justice movement leaders from around the world.
A Letter from PeiYao: Announcing #InMotion, Our New Strategic Plan

Global Fund for Women President & CEO PeiYao Chen announces our new FY24-26 strategy to center movements.

Members of the Movement Committee dance during a visit to a local indigenous community in Kribi, Cameroon. Caryn, in blue, is in the forefront, with Joséphine smiling on the left, Bernadette smiling in pink, and Aichatou and Nafissate on the right. In the background, Prisca films on her cell phone in the back next to Hermine.
Lessons Learned in Shifting Power to Support Movements: Supporting Abortion Rights in West and Central Africa

What does it mean to shift power to movements? This case study follows participatory grantmaking with abortion rights movements in West and Central Africa, showing Global Fund for Women’s model at work.

2023 Fall Impact Report

Global Fund for Women offers flexible funding and support to fuel collective action and create meaningful change that will last beyond our lifetimes. Explore our 2023 Fall Impact Report for an overview of our collective impact over the past year, including grantmaking and fundraising data and stories from our movement partners.