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Global Fund For Women Statement On Russian Attacks In Ukraine

Students at a midwifery school in Nili, Afghanistan, in July 2009. (Flickr / United Nations Photo, Eric Kanalstein)
What Happens Now that Everyone Has Left Afghanistan? Increase Feminist Funding Now

As this crisis of violence against Afghan women at the hands of the Taliban continues, we must support the leadership of Afghanistan’s women on their own terms.

Photo of Jaycie Lewis, a Performance Artist in Antigua & Barbuda
Jaycie Lewis

Jaycie Lewis (she/them) is an Antiguan artist born 27 years ago to a Kittitian mother and Antiguan father. At present, the manifestation of her artistry is as a visual storyteller, and building, directing, and performing in stories for stage, stills, and film. Her art is a vehicle for education on and preservation and celebration of Caribbean culture as well as one for pedagogy and social transformation.

Qańtar Samal

Qańtar Samal (she/her) is a Kazakh digital artist from Aktobe. In her work, she shares her vision of Kazakh/Central Asian culture and its connection to the local queer community.

Anonymous Musician

One member of our third Artist Changemaker cohort has opted to remain anonymous. In the spirit of practicing feminist ethics of care and safety and in line with the Guiding Principles developed by our Artist Changemaker Advisory Council we offer anonymity as an option for all Artist Changemakers. Artist Changemakers may opt into anonymity for a variety of reasons in line with the multiplicities of their creative practices.

Inspirational Quotes For International Women’s Day 2022

YOUR GIFT DOUBLED TO SUPPORT GENDER JUSTICE MOVEMENTS Make your International Women’s Day Gift today and it will be matched dollar-for-dollar (up to $25,000) to…

#stopthewar. Support feminist crisis response in Ukraine
Global Fund for Women Statement on Russian Attacks in Ukraine

Published Today and always, our feminism is against war, patriarchy, and imperialism. We join gender justice activists around the world, including our partners in Ukraine,…

2022: Black History Month Everywhere

Black history doesn’t begin and end with the United States. And Women’s History Month isn’t the only time that gender justice organizations should be looking…

Black History Month

This February 2022, Global Fund for Women celebrates Black leaders and organizations who fought to end patriarchy, imperialism, and colonialism; who are guided by Pan-Africanism;…