What is Gender Justice?

Our feminism is rooted in intersectionality. We recognize that women are not a monolith and experience multiple, overlapping sources of oppression. The struggle for women’s rights is deeply impacted by and connected to the struggles for racial justice, queer justice, immigration justice, climate justice, and so many more.

For us, the term “gender justice” best signifies our intersectional approach that centers the diverse needs, experiences, and leadership of people most impacted by discrimination and oppression. This approach helps achieve both equity (equal distribution of resources, access, and opportunities) and equality (equal outcomes for all).

Utilizing a gender justice framework also means allowing for movements to define their own priorities and indicators of success. By embracing grassroots movement leadership and participatory grantmaking, we aim to mitigate the harm of discriminatory, racist, and toxic practices by traditional Global North philanthropists, institutions, and structures.