Global Fund for Women Appoints Shalini Nataraj as Vice President of Programs

Former Associate Director of the Reebok Human Rights Award Program to Provide Grantmaking Leadership to Largest Funder Focusing on Women's Rights Internationally

SAN FRANCISCO – The Global Fund for Women announced today the appointment of Shalini Nataraj as the new Vice President of Programs, effective March 1, 2006.

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In Times of Trouble, Nations Turn to Women

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Where trouble and corruption hang in the air, voters around the world are increasingly turning to women to clean up the mess left behind by bad-old-boy networks. Kavita Ramdas, President & CEO of the Global Fund for Women, says that women's recent political successes in Liberia and elsewhere in Africa "are very much related to the decimation of the continent by AIDS and civil conflict."

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Number of Political Gains for Women in '05

Associated Press

"This has been a year in which women have taken grassroots struggles and transformed them into something bigger by developing a very considered political strategy," said Kavita Ramdas, president of the San Francisco-based Global Fund for Women, which provides grants to women's rights groups around the world.

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Women's Work: Other Tales of Democracy Building

San Francisco Chronicle

The Global Fund was recently the subject of a San Francisco Chronicle editorial exploring the unique role of women to advance peace and democracy, "What's notable is that these women are able to do so much with so little, to build a foundation for democracy worldwide from the ground up.

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Women After Natural Disasters

KQED Radio

Kavita Ramdas, Global Fund for Women President & CEO, discusses the disproportionate effects of natural disasters, such as the tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, on women's lives on this episode of Forum with Michael Krasny. Other guests include Beverly Inman-Ebel, Charlotte Lindsey and Laila Khan

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