Meeting on Domestic Violence and Trafficking Held in San Francisco

The first ever one-day symposium titled "Ending Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking in the 21st Century" attracted about 450 participants including business leaders, health care providers, educators, advocates, faith leaders and policy makers. In the workshop titled 'Confronting Global Human Trafficking: an International Perspective on Violence Against Women', Kavita Ramdas, President and CEO of Global Fund for Women opined, "Trafficking is more than a legal and a law enforcement problem. We look at trafficking as a human rights issue."

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SF Hosts Hosts First-Ever Summit on Combating Twin Crimes of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking

Local Business Executives, Health care Providers, Legal Experts, Advocates and Faith Leaders Take Action to End Violence Against Women. Studies Show Nearly Half of All California Human Trafficking Occurs in Bay Area; Domestic Violence Fall-Out Costs Business Billions Each Year

SAN FRANCISCO -- Today, hundreds of business leaders, health care providers, educators, advocates, faith leaders and policy-makers gathered in San Francisco for the first-ever "Ending Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking in the 21st Century" summit.

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Global Fund for Women Appoints Shalini Nataraj as Vice President of Programs

Former Associate Director of the Reebok Human Rights Award Program to Provide Grantmaking Leadership to Largest Funder Focusing on Women's Rights Internationally

SAN FRANCISCO – The Global Fund for Women announced today the appointment of Shalini Nataraj as the new Vice President of Programs, effective March 1, 2006.

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In Times of Trouble, Nations Turn to Women

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Where trouble and corruption hang in the air, voters around the world are increasingly turning to women to clean up the mess left behind by bad-old-boy networks. Kavita Ramdas, President & CEO of the Global Fund for Women, says that women's recent political successes in Liberia and elsewhere in Africa "are very much related to the decimation of the continent by AIDS and civil conflict."

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Number of Political Gains for Women in '05

Associated Press

"This has been a year in which women have taken grassroots struggles and transformed them into something bigger by developing a very considered political strategy," said Kavita Ramdas, president of the San Francisco-based Global Fund for Women, which provides grants to women's rights groups around the world.

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