GFW Board Member Sakena Yacoobi Honored with Largest International Women's Rights

Special award ceremony will be held at the United Nations in New York City in conjunction with International Human Rights Day

NEW YORK – Sakena Yacoobi, founder and president of the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL), is being honored today with the Peter Gruber Foundation's 2004 International Women's Rights Prize. Yacoobi earned this year's prize for her courageous vision and leadership in implementing quality education, human rights training, and safe healthcare for women and children in Afghanistan. The Global Fund for Women has provided grant support for Yacoobi's organization for nearly 12 years, and she was recently elected to the Global Fund for Women's board of directors.

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Call for Peace and Human Security

by The Board of Directors of the Global Fund for Women

The Board of Directors of the Global Fund for Women, leaders from many nations, including Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Israel, Nicaragua, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Palestine, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Ukraine and the United States, is deeply concerned about the growing militarism that dominates world affairs.

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JP Morgan Chase CFO Dina Dublon Honored by Financial Women's Association


Dublon was named the FWA Private Sector Woman of the Year, and accepted the award at a dinner that drew hundreds of female financial executives.

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Kavita Ramdas on Feminist Philanthropy

An interview with Caroline Hartnell of Alliance magazine

What is feminist philanthropy, Caroline Hartnell asked Kavita Ramdas, President and CEO of the US-based Global Fund for Women. Feminist philanthropy, says Ramdas, must be willing to challenge the status quo, which underpins philanthropy as we know it and the patriarchy that underpins our societies.

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Empowering Women - the Best Vaccine Against Aids


Most policy makers have failed to address that one of the most significant causes for the continued devastation wreaked by this disease is deep patterns of systemic and intense discrimination against women—their lack of voice, and the lack of real choices in their lives as a result of entrenched gender inequality and inequity.

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