Inspiration From Dakar: Notes on the African Feminist Forum

By Maame Yelbert-Obeng

Last month took me to Dakar, Senegal, along with my colleague Muadi Mukenge, to participate in the Third African Feminist Forum (AFF). It was a week of incredible connections, feminist discussions on a range of issues facing women on the African continent, and I had a blast!

Women dance at the African Feminist Forum
Women dance at the African Feminist Forum. Photo courtesy AFF.

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Global Fund Celebrates Aung San Suu Kyi's Release

The Global Fund for Women joins hands with the international community in celebrating the release of pro-democracy leader and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. We hope this will be the first step in ensuring democratic processes in Burma. Her release comes six days after Burma's first elections in 20 years, widely condemned as a sham.

Aung San Suu Kyi
Photo by KET [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Women's League of Burma, a grantee partner, shared a statement celebrating the release of Suu Kyi. The group also posted its critiques of the recent elections through video updates on their YouTube Channel.

To date, GFW has supported 14 women's groups in Bangladesh, India and Thailand, advocating for the rights of Burmese refugees including minorities, with over $450,000 in grants.

News updates about Suu Kyi's release:


Where No Funders Go: $1.5 Million for Women's Human Rights

In an era of shrinking resources, the Global Fund for Women was able to sustain its commitment to women's groups with over $1.5 million in grants, as the first part of our 2011 funding cycle. By providing support to local and regional women’s groups worldwide, we continue to connect and strengthen women’s groups to be a part of the vibrant global movement for women’s full, universal human rights.

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A Feminist Open-Mic Night in Tbilisi

yfw_bestyblogThe Tbilisi Young Women’s Dialogue kicked off on Monday with a welcome reception and open-mic night.  The Dialogue is bringing together 36 young women under the age of 30 from across Southeast Europe, Central Eastern Europe, and Commonwealth of Independent States to talk about young women’s and feminist issues, as well as resource mobilization for young women’s rights.  This is one of the first meetings of its kind in this region – and I have been bouncing off of my chair with excitement about it over the past month.

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Violeta Krasnic: Our Time is Now!

Violeta Krasnic recently joined the Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States (ECIS) program team as its director. She brings more than 15years of experience as a human rights advocate, gender-based violence counselor, and trainer for non-profit management. Violeta was previously with WITNESS, a New York-based international human rights organization that uses video as an advocacy tool to raise awareness of human rights issues.
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