From Techphobe to Tech-realist: Technology As an Ally of Human Rights

By Iris Garcia

I am not what they call an early adapter when it comes to technology; I joined Facebook a few months ago, use a desktop at home, and my mobile phone can be considered a fossil. My political perspective on technology: the world’s problems will not be solved by technological innovation alone, and that many benefits of technological advancements have an associated negative cost, be it environmental, social, or economic.
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GFW's Advisory Council Highlighted in Fast Company Blog

A recent blog post by Fast Company highlights the Global Fund's global advisory council as one of three examples of a “board that is not a board,” or an organization that has a non-governing body supporting it in various ways.

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Dangerous Waters in Korea: Christine Ahn in the New York Times

On the occassion of the 60th anniversary of the Korean War, GFW's Christine Ahn published an opinion piece that highlights how the current Obama administration continues a harsh policy line against North Korea and its impact on ordinary Koreans. Read the article.

My Journey to Haiti: Reflections on Younger Women’s Contributions to the Movement

By Dianne Gallo

Earlier this month, I traveled to Port-au-Prince as a part of a GFW delegation to learn about the current situation of women in Haiti and to learn how we can best support women’s roles in decision-making throughout the reconstruction process. 
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Kavita Ramdas at 2010 Aspen Ideas Festival

Last week at the Aspen Institute in Colorado, President and CEO Kavita Ramdas discussed the state of global reproductive health efforts in a panel that also included former UNICEF Executive Director Ann Veneman.

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