Floods and Feminism: The Plight of Pakistan's Women

Guest Post By Rafia Zakaria

As Pakistan’s flood crisis continues into its fourth week, it is the women who are suffering the most. Millions displaced by the flood waters languish with few resources to alleviate their suffering. According to statistics compiled by the Reproductive Health in Crisis Consortium, nearly 85 percent of flood survivors in camps are women [PDF]. In some cases, this is because men stayed behind to guard the homes and livestock while women and children were evacuated; in others, it’s because families got separated while on the move. With nearly 20 million people displaced by the floods and perhaps 6 million made homeless, the havoc wreaked on Pakistani women is unimaginable.

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We Refuse to Be Enemies

By Preeti Mangala Shekar

Usually quiet on weekends, the Global Fund office was bustling last Saturday when we held a panel discussion on the India-Pakistan, “Indo-Pak,” peace processes. Nearly 50 people from throughout the bay area attended on the 64th anniversary of Pakistan and India’s independence from British rule.

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“It ain't what you do, it's how you do it”: Kavita Ramdas in Philanthropy Publication

Responsive Philanthropy journal coverThe summer issue of the newsletter published by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy features an inspiring essay by Global Fund President and CEO Kavita Ramdas on the unique and crucial role of women's funds.

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Gender Justice Grantmaking Featured on Change.Org

GFW's Christine Ahn was interviewed on Change.org, where she highlights how Global Fund grants support crucial work led by women at both grassroots and international levels. Read the interview »


Work Diaries: Reflections from a Young Feminist on Activist Burnout

Fatma Emam is a young feminist activist working on women’s rights in Cairo, Egypt. She is lead researcher of Nazra for Feminist Studies, a young feminist-led research organization, and a GFW grantee partner, seeking to highlight a younger voice within the human rights and feminist movements in Egypt. Brownie is Fatma’s blog which she updates regularly with news and reflections on young feminist activism in the Arab world. Read her recent blog post highlighting burnout among young feminists through her personal reflections, that she also shared with the young Feminist Wire Community hoping that it will resonate with other activists. Read full post

Guest blog source: Brownie and AWID’s Young Feminist Wire

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