"Face to Face" Debate: Add Your Voice!

GFW President and CEO Kavita Ramdas will appear Wednesday on “Face-to-Face,” the first of a series of UN TV debates launched by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA). Kavita will be joined by Thoraya Obaid of UNFPA, Irina Bokova of UNESCO and Professor Kwame Anthony Appiah of Princeton University at the UN Headquarters to debate: “Women’s empowerment, development cooperation, and culture.”

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Gay McDougall Wins Thurgood Marshall Award

Gay McDougallGFW Board member Gay McDougall, who is also the United Nations’ first Independent Expert on Minority Issues, was chosen by the DC Bar council to be the 2010 Thurgood Marshall Award.

The award is presented biennially to an individual who has shown a strong commitment to and excellence in the fields of civil rights and individual liberties, and will be presented as part of the Bar’s Annual Awards Dinner on June 24. “I am thrilled to receive the D.C. Bar’s Thurgood Marshall Award. There is nothing more meaningful than to be honored by your friends and colleagues,” Ms. McDougall said.

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Kavita Ramdas in Huffington Post Article on Maternal Health

A recent article on the Huffington Post quoted GFW President and CEO Kavita Ramdas ahead of last week's Women Deliver 2010 Conference held in Washington D.C.

Beginning with its first conference in 2008, Women Deliver is a global initiative working towards the realization of Millennium Development Goal #5,

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Violence in Kyrgyzstan: Now The West Pays Attention

By Angelika Arutyunova

Born and raised in the Uzbek city of Samarkand (mostly populated by Tajiks), I know intimately what ethnic tensions in Central Asia mean. The news coming out of the South of Kyrgyzstan in the last five days are unfortunately not the first time when the Fergana Valley is seeing bloodshed, but probably the first time it is showing in the news in the west with this much attention.
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Kavita Ramdas in KQED Radio on the Population Debate

Listen to a podcast that aired this week on KQED Radio's Forum, on the current debates around population versus resource availability. This lively discussion features Global Fund's Kavita Ramdas, Julia Whitty, writer and environmental correspondent for Mother Jones, and William Ryerson from the Population Media Center and the Post Carbon Institute. Listen to the discussion
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