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Feminist movements have the power to disrupt the status quo and radically alter the course of history. Despite new challenges and the rollback of rights for trans- and cis-gender women, girls, and historically marginalized people, we saw that when activists rise to the moment, they can achieve deep, lasting change—change that keeps us hopeful for…


As we reflect on 2018, we are reminded of the many powerful ways that women’s movements are shaping policies, practices, and conversations—relentlessly pursuing crucial efforts to preserve or advance human rights for all, despite tremendous opposition. Here are just a few of Global Fund for Women’s highlights for rights, justice and equality from the past…

Top 10 moments for women's rights in 2017

2017 has been quite a year. It was a year of resisting, of reckoning. It was a year of rollbacks and new challenges for women and girls in countless countries, from Egypt to the United States and Brazil. And it was a year of resilience and resistance on full display. As we look back on the past year,…

Top 10 moments for women's rights in 2016: Inspiration for the year ahead

When you look back on 2016, what will you remember? It’s been a year filled with extreme highs and lows for women’s rights around the world. There have been rollbacks and new challenges for women and girls in countless countries, from the United States to Turkey and Brazil. As we look back on the past…


How did feminists show up in a year that careened from crisis to crisis? Gender justice movements, organizations, and activists came together in Turkey, Syria, Morocco, Afghanistan, Sudan, Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Mexico, Libya, and beyond as frontline responders, unpaid caregivers, and community mobilizers this year.


This year was tough. But this year also saw deep-rooted movements and feminist leaders fight back with vision and heart. Join Global Fund for Women in reflecting on the year’s challenges, wins, and promising trends.

2021: The Year in Gender Justice

Every day, we are taking steps toward greater gender justice. Discover the latest gender justice achievements around the world.

Self-care from the frontlines: Women human rights defenders on how they stay motivated to keep fighting

Women human rights defenders are at the forefront of advancing rights. They mobilize to create more just and less violent societies—and often at great cost. As a group they face attacks, death threats, travel bans, and surveillance. Their safety and the safety of their families is often at risk. 44 were killed just last year. Yet…

6 Muslim women proving art is more powerful than hate in face of travel ban

By Samina Ali, curator of Muslima March 21, 2017:  Just last week, Federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland blocked U.S. President Donald Trump’s revised executive order to close the nation’s borders to refugees from around the world, including those from Syria, which would have temporarily suspended travel and immigration from six predominantly Muslim countries—an updated version…