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MCAT 3.0: A Movement Capacity Assessment Tool 

By Global Fund for Women


MCAT is a free online tool that helps social movements determine their needs in order to most effectively advance their vision for social justice and achieve the change they want to see. By assessing their strengths and challenges, movements can develop plans to tackle their prioritieson their own terms—and decide how to allocate their limited time and resources to strengthen their capacity. 

Free for anyone to use, MCAT may be shared and adapted for local contexts and languages. The tool is grounded in academic research, tested with real movements, and refined with empirical data. It incorporates lessons and data from diverse social movements around the globe. 

Feminist organizations have used previous versions of MCAT to assess, strengthen, and sustain their movements in six countries: 

  • Georgia: Taso Foundation and Women’s Fund in Georgia led the assessment of the Feminist/Women’s Rights Movement.
  • Mexico: Fondo Semillas led the assessment of the Movement of Dissidence and Sexual Diversity and Gender Identity in Mexico.
  • Mongolia: Mongolian Women’s Fund led the assessment of the Movement to Ensure Gender Equity in Dornod Province, Mongolia.
  • Kenya: UHAI EASHRI led the assessment of the LGBTIQ Movement in Kenya.
  • Kenya: Coalition on Violence Against Women (COVAW) led the assessment of the Movement to End Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya.
  • Spain: Calala Women’s Fund led the assessment of the Migrant and Racialized Women’s Movement in Spain
  • Ukraine: Ukrainian Women’s Fund led the assessment of the Women’s Movement in Ukraine. 

If you have any questions or feedback about MCATplease email [email protected]. 

This tool is licensed under a Creative Commons License. You are free to use, share, and adapt the tool without having to secure permission from Global Fund for Women, as long as it is for non-commercial purposes and appropriate attribution to Global Fund for Women is given, among other terms and conditions. Please find the complete terms and conditions here.

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