Fiscal Sponsorships


Our Fiscal Sponsorship Program helps sustain women’s rights groups by allowing US donors to support women’s funds directly. This strengthens community-based efforts to advance women’s rights in other countries.

Our women’s fund partners:

  • Invest in Muslim Women (IMW), a non-profit organization, is focused on the economic empowerment of women, justice, and peace. IMW addresses the fact that one-eighth of the world is comprised of Muslim women and girls, yet strategic philanthropy has largely ignored the opportunity to make education, employment, and human rights accessible to this cohort. Muslim women and girls tell us repeatedly that they want to “learn and earn.” Invest in Muslim Women will enable them to achieve their goals by identifying and incubating tipping point projects. These projects can then be game-changing for women and girls, and their entire societies. The first strategic focus will be South Asia, starting with Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. Donate to Invest in Muslim Women now »