Major Gifts

Global Fund for Women is grateful to have generous donors who share our commitment to shifting power and resources to gender justice movements around the world.  

As members of the Global Fund for Women community, our donors have exciting opportunities to meet with grassroots leaders, learn from experts, and join forces with others to maximize their impact.   

Global Fund for Women’s major donors can enjoy enriching experiences including:   

Meeting with experts:  

  • Access to philanthropic advising within Global Fund for Women  
  • Opportunities to meet with Global Fund for Women grantee partners and feminist activists from around the world 
  • Special meetings with our CEO and program and advocacy staff 

Learning from activists:   

  • Opportunities to travel globally to meet activists and see the work they do firsthand 
  • Invitations to special events, including webinars with grantee partners and launch events for our campaigns 

Going deeper together:  

  • Opportunities to seed new initiatives, strengthen organizations, and sustain movements   
  • Joint funding projects with other donors that help you maximize your impact 
  • Detailed reports with the latest updates on our grantee partners, our campaigns, and the overall impact of your gift 

Champions for Equality

Champions for Equality is a unique three-year learning and travel opportunity to work in partnership with a community of peers and experts at Global Fund for Women to support grassroots projects around the world. Contact project coordinator Renee Saedi for more information.