Women comprise about 80% of the global workforce in the garment industry; an industry in which discrimination and violence against women are endemic. In 2016, Global Fund for Women began a multi-year initiative with Laudes Foundation (formerly C&A Foundation) and Gender at Work to eradicate gender based violence and empower women garment workers in Asia.  NoVo Foundation joined the initiative in 2017.

The collaboration finds, funds, and strengthens organizations working to end gender-based violence against women garment workers in Asia, with a focus on the major apparel sourcing countries of Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, and Vietnam. The initiative supports women garment workers to learn about their workplace rights and realize their own power to secure these rights. This initiative will play a critical role in giving voice to women workers in securing a life free from violence at work.

With a long-term focus on stronger partnerships, systemic workplace and community change, and learning and evaluation, this initiative will significantly build upon C&A Foundation’s, NoVo Foundation’s, Gender at Work’s, and Global Fund for Women’s efforts to end gender-based violence and drive women’s human rights.

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Ending gender-based violence against women garment workers,” op-ed by Sangeeta Chowdhry, Global Fund for Women, and Brandee Butler, C&A Foundation

Press release announcing the initiative, Dec. 2016

Press release announcing NoVo Foundation joining the initiative, April 2017

Partnering Organizations

Laudes Foundation (formerly C&A Foundation)
NoVo Foundation
Gender at Work