Former Board Chair Leila Hassan speaks at a convening of MENA region grantees

Key Issues


We work for sexual and reproductive health and rights, freedom from violence, economic justice, and leadership. These are some of the most critical building blocks for women’s human rights. When a woman has these rights, she can be strong, safe, powerful, and heard.

STRONG – Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights

We envision a world where all women, girls, and trans people have power and rights over their bodies and sexualities, and the resources they need to exercise those rights.

We fund and advocate for laws and policies that are grounded in the needs of women and for affordable, accessible, and high-quality health services. We also support consciousness-raising efforts that empower women and girls to challenge the status quo and demand better options. We work with women’s groups who increase access to comprehensive sexuality education, services, and rights—especially in marginalized communities. We partner with groups who advocate for women’s right to safe and legal abortion which is often legally restricted in countries where we work. Our grantee partners demand sexual and health rights for trans communities in places where those rights are consistently denied. READ MORE>>

SAFE – Freedom from Violence

We envision a world free of violence against women in all its forms.

We fund efforts addressing all levels of gender-based violence, including state-sanctioned violence women face under repressive governments, threats from fundamentalist forces such as Boko Haram, and intimate-partner violence. We are striving for a world where girls can go to school without the fear of being kidnapped, a world where women are not subject to violence in their homes, a world where women’s human rights defenders are not killed for raising their voices, and a world where women and girls are not systematically raped during times of instability and war. READ MORE>>

POWERFUL – Economic Justice:

We envision a world where all women, girls, and trans people have a voice and choice in the work they do; where they are paid equal wages in safe and secure workplaces; and where they have access to justice and rights within the workplace and the larger economy.

Women and girls around the world are more likely to live in poverty due to discriminatory and unjust economic policies, pervasive gender inequality, war and instability, and climate change. We work with women who are changing this status quo every day. We partner with groups working for economic justice across fields—from encouraging women’s leadership in sustainable agriculture, to fighting for migrant and domestic workers’ rights.

HEARD – Leadership

Strengthening women’s leadership cuts across all our priority areas, and is an integral part of our theory of change. The future of women’s human rights depends on a strong pipeline of diverse young women leaders, as well as on creating opportunities for leaders from different generations and movements to learn from each other. We want to deepen connections between leaders; and contribute to new models of feminist leadership. Our current efforts piloting a model for next generation leadership in South Asia and East Africa, and amplifying the voices of young women’s leaders working across our core thematic areas.

Join Us

Courageous women and girls around the world are demanding power and resources to realize their rights. Join them and raise your voice in the fight for gender justice.