Announcing a leadership transition at global fund for women

Global Fund for Women’s President and CEO Latanya Mapp Frett will transition out of her role at Global Fund for Women to lead Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors as President and CEO. She will be with Global Fund for Women through January 2024.  

True to the institution’s values, Global Fund for Women's board of directors is committed to an accountable, transparent leadership transition process. As such, our board, staff, and senior leadership team led by PeiYao Chen, the Senior Vice President of Global Operations, will continue to work alongside Latanya in the coming months to ensure a smooth transition to our new leadership.   

The Global Fund for Women board is committed to a leadership structure that is aligned with our vision, mission, and values, building on some of the key learnings from the field and our own intersectional design work. The board is confident in both the team in place and the organizational strategy that seeks to center movements. The organization will continue its support to gender justice movements worldwide.   

Global Fund for Women has evolved tremendously under Latanya’s leadership, including a significant growth in revenue and grantmaking, an organizational redesign grounded in our intersectional feminist values, the growth of our fiscal sponsorship program as part of our commitment to supporting racial justice organizations in the U.S. and abroad, and more. Global Fund for Women staff and board are deeply appreciative of Latanya’s leadership and proud of all that she has accomplished during her tenure, including leaving the organization with a powerful foundation to continue to support gender justice movements globally. Global Fund for Women's forward-thinking strategy to resource movements has been matched with robust funding; in fact, the past two years have been the largest grantmaking years in Global Fund for Women’s history.   

“I am deeply grateful to Global Fund for Women’s movement partners, supporters, staff, and board of directors for all we have achieved together during my tenure here,” says Ms. Mapp Frett. “Global Fund for Women’s work centering gender justice movements is more critical now than ever before, and I have no doubt that the organization has the talent, resources, and power to continue to make true progress toward our vision of a world where movements for gender justice have transformed power and privilege for a few into equity and equality for all.” 

We are grateful to Latanya for her leadership over the past years, leaving Global Fund for Women a bolder and more grounded organization,” says Layli Maparyan and Amina Doherty, Global Fund for Women’s board co-chairs. “We are confident in the abilities of the team at Global Fund for Women as we move through this next phase and expect a seamless leadership transition that will enable the organization to strengthen its vital work supporting gender justice movements.”