Featured Changemaker

Cecilia Palmeiro


Cecilia Palmeiro (she/her) is one of the founders of the transformative Latin American feminist movement Ni Una Menos, or “Not One Woman Less,” which organizes to end femicide and gender-based violence. The Ni Una Menos collective has been supported by Global Fund for Women since 2017. She is also a writer, literary critic, performer, feminist activist, and queer feminist theorist.

Cecilia's movement work in Argentina has rippled across the world and she is an example of an academic who engages theory and action in equal measure. That's why we interviewed her for the Changemaker series.

group of activists at a protest, people in the foreground hold up a large pink sign that reads "NI UNA MENOS VIVAS Y LIBRES NOS QUEREMOS"

In her words

Feminism means...

“Feminism is connecting with the struggles of other women. It is having each other’s back. It is a vision of the world. It is an ethic of life. Feminism is revolution!” - Cecilia Palmeiro