Featured Changemaker

Loretta J. Ross

United States

Loretta J. Ross (she/her) joined the women's movement in 1978 by working at the first rape crisis center in the United States and learned about women's human rights, reproductive justice, white supremacy, and women of color organizing. Co-founder of SisterSong, she currently speaks, trains, consults, and lectures on many issues including Reproductive Justice, Appropriate Whiteness, Human Rights, Violence Against Women, and Calling in the Calling Out Culture.

Loretta Ross standing at a speakers podium and speaking into a microphone

In her words

Feminism means...

”I think there are many interpretations of feminism and everybody has the human right to determine what type of feminism works for themselves. While we are united in our desire to end patriarchal oppression, the way we experience and express that is going to be highly individual. I don't think there's any one definition of feminism that should be universal and works for everybody.

For example, I find quite often that white feminists don't understand how, because of their white identities, they can´t resist the ideology of white supremacy and so they've got a lot of work to do in terms of developing how white identity reinforces white supremacy and works against it.”

—Loretta J. Ross