Featured Changemaker

Winnet Shamuyarira

South Africa

Winnet (She/Her) is a Zimbabwean feminist activist whose work focuses on women’s bodily autonomy and interrogating power and patriarchy's impact on women's sexual and reproductive rights. She is passionate about creating safe spaces to support women to share their experiences and build collective power for change and action.

Winnet Shamuyarira holidng up a sign that reads #DontMinimizeMyRights #ItsMyZim2 #MyBodyMyPolitics
Winnet Shamuyarira

In her words

Feminism means...

“Feminism is my liberating force. It gives me a political lens that fuels my drive to fight injustice(s) in their many forms. It means I can be that ‘mad’ woman who claims space and is not afraid of the labels that come with it. It also gives me leverage to parent differently. It means building community with a circle of women who support each other, a circle that will be able carry you when the going gets tough.“ - Winnet Shamuyarira