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Cause Marketing

Global Fund for Women partners with exemplary for-profit organizations wishing to give back.

Cause Marketing

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Provide us with information to help us better understand your plans. We will register and evaluate your program and be in touch soon about how we might pursue a mutually beneficial relationship.


Fulfilling your commitment is easy. Simply donate online or send a check:

Global Fund for Women
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Staff contact: Ammarah Maqsood, Development Officer, West, 415.248.4843

Cause Marketing Policy

Transparency. When you message about your support of Global Fund for Women please follow Better Business Bureau guidelines, Standard 19. We appreciate you stating the portion of the purchase price that will benefit Global Fund, the duration of the campaign, and the guaranteed minimum and/or maximum donation. You may be asked to provide an accounting of those claims upon fulfillment.Use of marks and designations. Global Fund for Women logo and gift designations may only be used with express written permission. Unless otherwise negotiated, proceeds will be used for general operating support. Furthermore, the Global Fund for Women name/logo may not be placed on any product or product packaging without written permission.

Indemnification. Businesses, organizations or individuals that elect to use the Global Fund for Women name, logo or website domain in their cause marketing, fundraising or general promotional efforts agree to indemnify Global Fund for Women against any claims arising from these efforts.

Social media promotion. While we are very appreciative of your work on behalf of Global Fund for Women, we have no obligation to promote or publicize any cause marketing program via our social media channels, and cannot accommodate all requests to do so. We are happy to negotiate these terms for partnership efforts with extended reach, engagement and visibility.