Perla Almaden and the workers at her peanut factory

Financial Information

Global Fund for Women is a public foundation. We rely on the generosity of our donors to support our critical work in the fight for gender equality.

In our most recent fiscal year that ended June 30, 2019:

  • Our total revenue and support was $18,926,631 , and our total expenses were $18,883,707
  • We devoted 79% of our resources to programmatic activities

Program Activities

Our grantmaking work includes setting grantmaking priorities, receiving and reviewing grant applications, selecting grantees, completing due diligence, processing payments, collecting and analyzing grantee final reports, and communicating with grantees throughout the grantmaking cycle. It also includes evaluating impact and bringing our grantees together.

Our advocacy program raises awareness, highlights grantee stories, engages new audiences, and influences others to bring money and attention to women’s human rights globally.