What is the impact of the Generation Equality for Feminist Movements?


Download the Feminist Accountability Report: Unveiling the Impact of Generation Equality for Feminist Movements

In 2021, the Generation Equality Forum (GEF) announced $40 billion in commitments to advance gender equality and girls' rights worldwide. Now, two and a half years later, what impact has GEF made?

The Feminist Accountability Framework offers a new report with feedback from over 700 grassroots feminist organizations in the pilot countries where the Framework is being implemented — Kenya, Burkina Faso, Brazil, Guatemala, Cambodia, Fiji, Nepal, and India.

They assessed the relevance, transparency, and accessibility of the GEF commitments; identified gaps between needs and commitments; and determined the extent to which GEF is aligned with the country-level needs of feminist movements from a community-led perspective, instead of a commitment-maker perspective.

What are feminist movements saying about GEF’s impact?

Prioritize disaggregated data and provide flexible, long-term funding for grassroots feminist and youth

Engage with feminist organizations to align commitments with local needs

Invest in direct, multilingual official GEF communications at the national level

Invest in transparent national accountability mechanisms to track countries' progress

Involve communities and grassroots movements in fund distribution decisions

Ensure GEF and its international governance system are held accountable for reporting their progress

How was this report created?

Through a global multilingual survey and a series of in-person and online meetings, the Feminist Accountability partners engaged some of the communities most affected by gender inequity and best poised to provide solutions and drive change — especially Black, Indigenous, and people of color; people with disabilities; youth, adolescents, and girls; and trans and gender non-conforming people.


organizations and activists






dialogue-based sessions with grassroots and feminist groups


responses to our global survey

Download the Feminist Accountability Report

Unveiling the Impact of Generation Equality for Feminist Movements