Climate Justice

Global Fund for Women and its grantee partners recognize that the climate crisis demands urgent action. Climate justice is inextricably linked with women’s human rights; the grassroots, women-led organizations we support live at the forefront of climate change’s effects and are leading the way in offering solutions. In their work to expand food security, support women land defenders, and advance the rights of indigenous people, our grantee partners are at the vanguard of climate justice in their communities.

Key Pillars of Our Climate Justice Strategy:

Crafting a cross-thematic strategy to address the intersections of climate justice with our core thematic areas:

  • Freedom from Violence: Ensure the safety and integrated security of women defending land rights and environmental justice – especially rural, indigenous, and afro-descendent women – in Mesoamerica and support them in their mobilization to protect their ancestral lands from corporate and government-sponsored land grabs, including by holding them accountable for their abuses and human rights violations.
  • Economic Justice: Championing the climate solutions of women farmers – the food providers of the Global South and East – to promotes indigenous and environmentally sustainable techniques for farming, secure women’s access to land and natural resources, and elevate the voices of women in policy and decision-making spaces.
  • Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights: Securing the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women, girls, and gender non-conforming people where climate change and environmental degradation has compromised access to information, services, justice, and wellbeing.
  • Crisis: Supporting women’s leadership to increase the feminist crisis response in the aftermath of environmental degradation and frequent and damaging natural disasters.
    In addition, our climate justice work focuses on:
  • Multi-year, flexible funding for women-led groups to respond swiftly to climate change’s impact in their communities
  • Tackling root causes of gender disparities exacerbated by climate change
  • Advancing grassroots women’s leadership in the climate justice movement, particularly rural and indigenous women

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