Our action campaigns lift up the stories of gender justice changemakers all over the world. Through creative storytelling, art, and photography, we aim to educate new audiences and inspire them to act now for gender justice.

Artist Changemaker Program

The Artist Changemaker Program at Global Fund for Women supports artists who are making the gender justice revolution irresistible by using their art as a tool for new visions of a world with equity and equality for all.

Celebrating #EverydayFeminists this Black History Month. #EverydayFeminists #BHMEverywhere
Black History Month 2023: Celebrating #EverydayFeminists in Philanthropy

Join Global Fund for Women this Black History Month as we highlight brilliant Black women leaders who are disrupting philanthropy and development, moving money, and getting results. We’re sharing Black history around the world that features the people and organizations who center Black freedom, Black joy, and Black dignity every day. Global Fund for Women…

This International Day of the Girl, Girls Lead in Tech

Girls around the world are using tech to advance gender justice. This International Day of the Girl, we are lifting up their voices with a new #GirlsLeadInTech campaign.

The Portal Series

What have feminist leaders learned during the COVID-19 pandemic? Explore our Portal Series to meet leaders who are stepping up during times of crisis.

Fundamental Film Series

In this award-winning documentary film series, meet grassroots activists and community organizers who are fighting for gender justice and disrupting the status quo to alter the course of history.


Global Fund for Women exists to support grassroots women’s groups who work every day to win rights for every woman, girl, and gender non-conforming person-no exceptions. Our grantee partners are women-led organizations working directly in their communities. They know best what they need most, and we trust their…


× Share Facebook Twitter Copy Link Chances are the clothes you’re wearing right now were made by a woman. Women comprise approximately 75% of the global workforce in the garment industry; the clothes they make are distributed around the globe. Yet within the garment industry, harassment, discrimination, and violence against workers are commonplace. Women working…