Who we are

Global Fund for Women is the leading funder of gender justice organizations, initiatives, and movements worldwide.

As a nonprofit, we fund bold, ambitious feminist activists mobilizing for change against harassment, discrimination, violence, and oppression.

We fuel movements to end civil wars, get female presidents elected, and secure laws giving new protection to millions of marginalized people.

Imagine what else we can do together.

Your gift transforms lives

Women, girls, and all marginalized people are creating revolutionary change in their communities. They are overcoming incredible challenges to their safety, success, and human rights to ensure equal opportunity for people of all genders. Your gift supports that transformational work.


Since 1987, Global Fund for Women has made over 12,000 grants to 5,000+ gender justice groups in 176 countries.

Only 1.9% of all donations make it to organizations dedicated to women and girls. And Black feminist social movements get even less—smaller than 0.5%. We’re changing that.

Every cent we raise together every year supports powerful grassroots movements.

Black and Indigenous people, LGBTQI+ people, rural women, disabled people, sex workers, and more gender justice movement leaders around the world are already mobilizing in revolutionary ways. Imagine what they could do if they had all the support they needed.

By making a monthly gift, you’ll provide dependable, meaningful support for activists who can spend their time making revolutionary change in their own communities. And, with your monthly gift you’ll join the 1.9 Rising community.

Worldwide Reach

From the Green Wave to #MeToo to Ni Una Menos (Not One Less), people fighting for equity and justice are changing the world. They have passion, dedication, and leadership—but too often lack resources and support.  

We’re changing that. 


Movements Move Mountains


Reproductive Justice


A vast majority of abortions in East Africa are unsafe due to widespread cultural stigma and criminalization.  

Global Fund for Women is supporting a growing movement fighting to advance abortion rights in East Africa, and activists across the world leading movements for reproductive justice. 

Our grantee partners are providing information about safe abortions through hotlines, direct services, and more, and advocating for abortion rights across the region.

Economic Justice


Domestic workers in India were thrust into a crisis of survival as the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns devastated their livelihoods and threatened their housing security and health. Many were not being paid.  

Global Fund for Women is supporting domestic workers' movements to organize and expand labor protections and increase wages.


Climate Justice


Women and girls in the Pacific and the Caribbean are disproportionately impacted by climate change. Those closest to the effects of climate change know best the needs of their communities. 

Global Fund for Women is making a radical investment in their leadership and giving them the resources they need to respond with innovative and vital grassroots solutions.