The State of Old Women

By Lillian Cincone

I have noticed in recent years, since my hair turned gray, that people mistake me for other women  and mistake other women for me.

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GFW Awards $1.6 Million to Women’s Groups in 58 Countries

In our 22-year her-story, Global Fund has been proud of our work in strengthening key women’s rights groups and in helping build movements. In the April 2010 grant cycle, we are giving $1.6 million in grants to 108 women’s groups in 58 countries.

The awards range from seeding grants of $3,500 to multiyear grants of $150,000.This is the third docket of our annual grant-making cycle, and the money will be disbursed among five regions:

  • $368,500 to 28 groups in the Americas
  • $338,000 to 12 groups in Asia and Oceania
  • $405,000 to 17 groups in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States
  • $163,000 to 12 groups in Middle East and North Africa
  • $364,000 to 39 groups in Sub-Saharan Africa
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Haiti: From Relief to Recovery

Dianne Gallo, from the Americas Team of the Global Fund for Women will be one of the panelists at a one-day conference next week here in San Francisco, on Haiti relief, along with various other Bay-area based organizations in collaboration including, Architects for Humanity, AIDG, Build Change, Inveneo, Sirona Cares, and SOIL.
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From California to Cambodia Fighting for Women: Former Board Member Mu Sochua In the New York Times

Last week, the New York Times profiled noted Cambodian women's rights activist and former board member, Mu Sochua on her incredible work on Cambodian women's rights as a feminist activist and a politician. Read the articlearrow_on_white_s.gif


Kyrgyz Update From Advisor Anna Kirey

The following is from GFW Advisor, Anna Kirey, who also works with Labrys, an LBT shelter in Kyrgyzstan.

Bishkek has been looted overnight. People in Labrys shelter are safe, we still have to check on how others in our community are doing. In 2005, during a similar 'revolution' a lesbian woman was raped by the looters for her “masculine” looks. We fear that women and transgendered people may be targeted by angry drunk looters.

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