About #BuildMovementsNotWalls

Women around the world get loud for human rights

As the United States experiences the impact of a critical transition of power, women, men, LGBTQI individuals, refugees, Muslims, and many more around the world are coming together. We are holding the new administration accountable. U.S. policies and leadership directly impact policies and decisions globally, and women’s movements all around the world are facing threats.

In one of his first executive orders as President, Trump reinstated and expanded the Mexico City policy, also known as the ‘global gag rule’, which bans U.S. federal funding for any international health organizations or NGOs around the world that counsel women on family planning options that include access to safe abortion. The result? Reduced resources not just for reproductive health information, but access to birth control, sex education, maternal care, and HIV prevention and services.

“This is much bigger than abortion,” said Musimbi Kanyoro, President and CEO of Global Fund for Women. “Reinstating this policy directly targets the world’s women and girls, and rolls back reproductive health and rights globally.” With the global gag rule reinstated, it is more important than ever to get money to grassroots, women-led groups around the world who are filling gaps in women’s health care, educating women and girls on their reproductive rights, and advocating for safe and legal abortion. This is a critical moment to support women’s movements working hard to resist rollbacks around the world.

Add your voice to our message that we will #BuildMovementsNotWalls: Movements for human rights, dignity, and equality. We will build movements that are thriving, unified, and fearless, and that cross all borders. Try to silence us and we will get louder. Try to separate us through hate and fear, and we will become an even stronger collective force.

Women globally are facing direct threats beyond the global gag rule, ranging from increases in sexual violence to harsher policies on reproductive rights, and increased limitations on their movement and freedom. In many places, religious, racial, and ethnic equality is eroding and women are being impacted most by threats to land and environments they depend upon.

Still, like never before, women and those who support them are standing up against rollbacks, resisting the rise of conservatism, blocking dangerous anti-women policies, and fearlessly defending rights amid conflicts and political crises. From Brazil to Iraq, and Nigeria and the United States, movements for women’s rights are powerful and resilient.

Take action to support loud and resilient women’s movements. Make sure we enter this new era with a strong and concerted message that global women’s rights are inalienable, and we will stand behind them like never before.

Donate to ensure global women’s movements can advance rights for all. Make your voice heard by adding your name to our pledge to #BuildMovementsNotWalls.

As an official partner of the Women’s March on Washington, we were thrilled to join women in D.C., the Bay Area, and cities across the U.S. and around the world to make our voices heard loud and clear on January 21st. We shared the message that we will #BuildMovementsNotWalls and walked alongside warriors marching for social justice issues ranging from racial justice, environmental rights, reproductive rights, land and water, and more.

Let’s create a chorus of global voices and ensure that we are heard. Together, we can be louder, stronger, and more effective in our work for equality.

Art by Favianna Rodriguez


I’m adding my name here to stand in solidarity with women and allies in the United States and around the globe. I commit to remaining vigilant over the next four years and adding my voice, my resources, and my energy to advance women’s rights and human rights globally.


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