Support Women & Girls Worldwide with a Facebook Fundraiser

Thank you for supporting Global Fund for Women by starting a Facebook Fundraiser!

Use our handy guide to encourage your community to join you in raising money that will fund critical programs that support the education and empowerment of girls across the globe.

Step 1: To start your Facebook Fundraiser for Global Fund for Women, click here.
Step 2: Click “Raise money”
Step 3: Click “Nonprofit” and search for Global Fund for Women.


Step 4: Once you’ve selected Global Fund for Women, click “Next”



Step 5: Now pick a monetary goal and set your deadline.



Step 6: If you would like, name your fundraiser and share why supporting Global Fund for Women matters to you.


Step 7: Share your Facebook fundraiser with your network and invite them to join you in supporting women and girls worldwide!

Be a champion for women's human rights

We’re committed to working tirelessly to help women and girls have the equal human rights they’re entitled to. We believe in the power of women to change their own lives, their communities, and the world for the better.

We need people like you to join our community of champions to help us get resources and attention to where they’re most critically needed. With your help, we can empower grass-roots movements to create real and lasting change for women everywhere.